About Alta Bicycle Share, Inc.

We are a leader in designing, deploying and managing bicycle share systems, around the world. We provide solutions for all aspects of bike share, from location assessment and business modeling to system maintenance and expansion. We also bring the unparalleled design experience of Alta Planning + Design to design bike share systems which succeed in the long-term. Alta's comprehensive approach to planning and operating a bike system is proven in the systems we currently manage and are expanding.

Our passion for bike share comes from the belief that creating sustainable and enjoyable environments is essential to the human experience. Our bicycle systems revolutionize urban environments, but we also bring this ethos to the workplace. From the quality of our work to the quality of our lives, Alta Bicycle Share believes in a holistic, inclusive, and evolutionary philosophy. We encourage and value diversity, creativity, open communication, and a shared sense of responsibility — with each other, our communities, and the world. We take pride in our company, and our mission to expand and mainstream bicycle ridership by designing, deploying, and managing world-class bicycle transit systems.

Our people:


Board of Directors
Michael Jones, CEO
Mia Birk, Vice-President
George Hudson
Jeff Olson
Steve Durrant
Brett Hondorp

Leadership Management Council
Michael Pagnozzi, Chief Managing Officer
Edward Inlow, Chief Operating Officer
Hasib Ikramullah, Launch Director
James Paulson, Director of Human Resources
Kathy Cooke, Director of Support Services and Risk Management

Project Directors
Jaison Hoernel, Melbourne Bikeshare - Melbourne, AU
Eric Gilliland, Capital Bikeshare - Washington, DC; Arlington and Alexandria, VA
Emily Stapleton, Hubway - Boston-Metro, MA
Elliot Greenberger, Divvy Bikes - Chicago, IL
Matt Berlin, NYC Bicycle Share, LLC - New York, NY
Derek Wurst, Bike Chattanooga, - Chattanooga, TN
Heather Bowden, CoGo Bikeshare - Columbus, OH
Kansas Waugh, Bay Area Bike Share - Bay Area, CA
Scott Hancock, Bike Share Toronto - Toronto, ON
Demi Allen, Pronto Cycle Share - Seattle, WA

Our core values include:

The Alta Family

Alta Bicycle Share operates in partnership with a group of companies that together offer the full range of services needed to take your bicycle share program from concept to reality. Deployment, operations and system marketing are our core competencies. We bring a comprehensive approach, proven world-class service, and expertise built on successes from around the globe, from branding to health and safety practices.

NYC Bike Share LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alta Bicycle Share, Inc which operates Citi Bike, the largest bike share system in North America.

Alta Planning + Design is North America’s leading multimodal transportation firm that specializes in the planning, design and implementation of bicycle, pedestrian, greenway, and trail corridors and systems. Alta Planning + Design are skilled in all facets of bicycle share program development, including feasibility assessment, demand modeling, business plan development, and station location design, planning, and permitting.

Alta is pleased to team up with 8D Technologies to provide the next generation of world-class bike share systems. For further information on our partnership see our press release